Netbull Single Member Ltd (General Commerial Registry No: 1263745001000) is a privately owned, debt free, organically grown company, focused on providing a complete set of Information Security services, products and solutions.

Netbull was founded in 2013 from executives of Bull Greece with experience in large security projects, as a leading System Integrator and Value-Added Solutions Provider. We are a nationwide organization that currently employ 40 people with our headquarters at 16, Eleftheriou Venizelou Ave, 176 76, Kallithea – Athens and Northern Greece branch at 8, Chaklis Str, 555 35, Pylaia - Thessaloniki. We continue to plan and execute growth through expansion of our services, solutions and markets.


Our goals are to increase your security maturity and reduce your costs and complexity. To achieve them we employ experienced people, implement best-of bread technologies and follow industry-based processes.

Netbull is constantly developing its offer with advanced solutions & services in the field on information security and data protection, and it’s mainly activities include:

  • provision of specialized security services such as security study, penetration testing, invasion investigations, risk analysis, GAP analysis and compliance plan to legal and regulatory frameworks such as NIS, GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001 etc.
  • design and implementation of integrated information security solutions (DLP, PKI, UTMs, Web Application Firewalls, SIEM, Database security etc),
  • Managed Security Services through its own intelligent driver Security Operation Center,
  • Security as a Service for cloud infrastructure such as UTM as a service, WAF as service etc.
  • Information security experts for complex environments and demanding security projects,
  • Holistic approach in Cyber Security and Data Protection issues,


Our commitment is "the holistic protection" of your company’s most valuable assets: your data

From 2013 up today

  • Revenue year to year 30% growth


  • Managed Security SOC Customer's base of about 10% growth per year


  • Securirty Incident Management: average 800 incident per day


  • Full incident investigation in about 10 min using AI & ML technologies integrated with Netbull Threat Management Platform (eASIS) 
  • Holistic Approach to Security
    (from endpoint to network edge)

    The threat landscape changes every day. Threats to your business are not just local any more. The way users connect themselves to internet and their company through information sharing, the accessibility they enjoy through mobile technology and the ease by which people, products and information moves across borders creates vulnerabilities. To address these threats, we have developed a strategy that is characterized by the principle that the information infrastructure of an organization is compromised and it’s based on possible attack scenarios (use cases). A secure digital infrastructure begins at the network edge and goes all the way to end-points. Where many cyber security firms have only one area of expertise, we cover all areas of Prediction, Prevention, Detection, and Response, using Artificial Intelligence, Network Behavior Analysis, User Behavior Analysis and Endpoint Detection & Response technologies.

  • Strategic Partnerships
    (selection of industry-leading technology vendors)

    We work hand-in-hand with selected world-class organizations in software applications, infrastructure and consulting to strengthen our own unique portfolio in consulting, solutions and services. Leveraging the abilities of these security industry leaders allows us to concentrate on our goal of adding growth to our customers’ businesses. Through comprehensive, intelligent integration of partner product-based solutions we underpin and complement our own key services to maximize your productivity. We have both security and IT expertise and work with our global strategic technology partners to leverage their extensive portfolios to ensure the delivery of world-class solutions that create real and tangible business benefits to clients across all markets and sectors.

  • Proven Experience
    (design & delivery solutions & advanced security services)

    What sets one company apart isn’t technology. It’s having trained, capable people who are committed to exceptional service. Netbull has a long track record of success. We have 14+ years of proven experience in delivering services and solutions globally. Our engineers are certified with relevant certifications that demonstrate their experience and know-how at various levels related to systems security such as CCSA, CCNA, SSCE technology certification, as well as business data risk such as DPO & ISO 27001 Lead Auditor certifications. Our managers have witnessed firsthand the on-the-job demands faced by our clients in diverse industries and understand the challenges presented on a daily basis. Our seasoned management team leverages their experience and expertise to provide a service that is second to none. Values such as integrity, innovation, creativity, and flexibility guided us in becoming what we are today, a company whose main goal is customer satisfaction and us over-delivering on our commitments. Our success is our clients’ success.

  • Vendor Agnostic
    (use of best-of-breed technologies & solutions)

    Most traditional technology integrators promote themselves based on their relationship with specific vendors. Their service is exclusively tied to the benefits of the hardware and software they resell, and they’re motivated to promote specific products based solely on contracts. Unlike traditional integrators, Netbull doesn’t rely on a preferred vendor list. Instead, Netbull leverages its extensive network of networking and security solution partners and its long history of technical leadership, consulting, and support to identify potential solutions. The company then follows a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that all components of the solution must meet the customer’s technical and budgetary requirements. Customers are confident that Netbull’s vendor-agnostic approach ensures that the company develops custom solutions that are independent from vendor relationships, meet the technical and budgetary requirements and solve the customers’ problems.


Strategic Partners

Technology Partners

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