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ICT Security World 2021 - Gold sponsorship of Netbull

Netbull participated as a Gold Sponsor in 7th ICT Security World, at 7th & 8th of December 2021, that took place digitally at Teamworks's new 3D Conference and Exhibition Center, with the theme: “Digital Security: Investment and Necessity in Technology Infrastructures & Applications".

As part of the event in the Session #3 (How to deal with planned and advanced cyber attacks against critical infrastructures), Mr. Nikitas Kladakis - Chief Executive Officer of Netbull at his presentation titled:

Cyber Security on Critical Infrastructures

analyzed the Cybersecurity Challenges, the holistic strategy of Netbull, the tools, technologies and services provided to protect in early stages the cybersecurity threats on critical infrastructures.

Assistant in this effort is the adoption of Zero Trust Architecture and the use of Automations and Artificial Intelligence technologies, which are independent of where the IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) infrastructures are located.


 For more information and detailed presentation of the above services, please fill the Talk With An Expert form (Topic: Managed Security Services).

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