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IT Security Pro (Feb 2022) - Netbull Managed XDR

Detecting and responding to advanced attacks requires specialization, while at the same time traditional protection mechanisms are no longer sufficient. Targeting all organizations, Managed XDR Service provides the significant benefits of an outsourced Security Operation Center (SOC) and does not require specialized threat detection and incident analysis skills from the organizations' security teams.

NEW Managed XDR Service from Netbull


by Nikitas Kladakis - Netbull CEO

Netbull provides the new Managed XDR (based on IBM QRadar XDR) service and ensures continuous, 24-hour protection based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, while saving IT security teams resources for analysis, investigation and threat response.

In addition, our experienced and certified security analysts are ready to respond to any threat promptly and effectively. The combination of technologies, know-how and experience gives our customers protection from specialized threats that avoid detection. Our analysts monitor threats in real time, and receive ready-made response suggestions through the service.

Netbull Managed XDR Service is not based on a single machine learning system that eliminates any kind of cyber-attack but on a combination of machine learning algorithms at the User, Endpoint (EDR), Cloud services, and Network (NDR) level.

The solutions that compose the Netbull Managed XDR Service (based on IBM QRadar XDR) send their telemetry to the eASIS platform (based on IBM QRadar). This telemetry is then analyzed at the Netbull Security Operations Center, using over 800 owned TTP-based ‘hunts’, tailored to the client environment, along with various detection engines. As alerts are collected from endpoint devices, users, network, and cloud services, this allows our solution to detect links in an attack chain at various stages.

All scans are further validated and prioritized by the Netbull Threat Hunt team to ensure a timely response. After an automated analysis through the IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson service, our customers receive, according to their SLA, the necessary notifications and response instructions on the web portal. Response options can then be implemented via the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution.

Customers can also combine Managed XDR Service with Netbull's incident response services to outsource investigation, forensics and elimination of cyber security incidents.

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