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Netweek (Feb 2022) - Zero Trust Architecture by Netbull

The accelerated adoption of cloud services, due to the new "work from anywhere" environment, has expanded business applications beyond the physical data center, eliminating the concept of perimeter security and traditional protection mechanisms. This rapid digital transformation is further complicated by the increasing demands for the users secure connection from anywhere to the data center and the cloud.

Zero Trust Architecture


by Nikitas Kladakis - Netbull CEO

To meet the above challenges, organizations must adopt a new model, which is based on two important principles: Holistic (Defense in Depth) and Zero Trust. This model it should be able to be implemented at every level: Network, Users, Endpoints, Processes in data and Cloud services.

nSA: netbull 3D* Security Architecture

Our company through nSA, the holistic security architecture has developed, fully adopts the zero trust model with solutions and services based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. That why our innovative Managed Security Services was awarded in September 2021 at BITE AWARDS 2022.

The integration of the zero trust model into the netbull Security Architecture (nSA), ensures that there is not a single point of failure in the event of a breach. By integrating the fundamental principles of holistic protection and explicit verification into a single architecture, we bridge the gap between the modern business environment and cybersecurity. Businesses that utilize our architecture are driving the developments in organizational changes to achieve digital transformation, building the security infrastructure with which they can handle the speed of that transformation.

At netbull we believe that the zero trust model using artificial intelligence and machine learning mechanisms will drive developments in the field of information security.

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