Netbull, anticipating early developments in the field of protecting and maintaining the authenticity of corporate data but also maintaining a responsible and respected corporate profile, has developed a security architecture called netbull 3D * Security Architecture (nSA), which holistically addresses the Information Security requirements of an organization.

The main purpose of this architecture is data protection, so it based on network security for the development of the necessary safety mechanisms and concludes with the security mechanisms at every level.

The nSA architecture, divided into the following structural axes and enables the protection of valuable information in three dimensions: usage of artificial intelligence technologies, training of the people and implementation of appropriate policies and procedures. The structural axes are:

Network Security

  • NG Firewall solution
  • Firewall Management
  • NAC solution
  • DDoS solution
  • NDR solution

Data Leakage Protection

  • DLP solution

Risk Governance & Compliance

  • GRC solution
  • VA tools
  • PenTest tools

Information Security Management

  • SIEM solution
  • Deception solution
  • OT Threat Detection solution

Identity & Access Management

  • IDM solution
  • SSO solution
  • MFA solution
  • PAM solution
  • UBA solution

Application & DB Security

  • WAF solution
  • DB security (DAM / DAP)
  • eMail security solution
  • WEB Access management

Endpoint Security

  • Endpoint Protection (EPP)
  • EDR solution

Cloud Security

  • CASB solution
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